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How to tie your belt…a step by step guide

Getting the hang of tying your belt can be tricky at first. Follow our step-by-step guide and become a pro in no time…

1. Find the centre of your belt and place it under your bellybutton.

2. Pass the belt around your body, crossing it over at the back and bringing each end around to the front.






3. Bring the end of the belt on the right hand side around, and cross over the top of the left side.

4. Push the end of the right hand belt under and up, between the belt layers and the uniform.






5. Pull this end down towards the other end of the belt.

6. Cross the hanging left hand end upwards and over the right hand end, and pass through the loop forming a reef knot.





7. Pull the knot tight.




8. Make the ends even in length to finish the knot.





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Old Boxing Gym
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