Tribal Warriors Martial Arts was founded in 2018 by experienced martial artist, Senior Kasama Guro Gareth Drury.

Senior Kasama Guro Gareths Journey...

Having been inspired by the iconic Karate Kid movie. Guro Gareth Drury began his martial arts journey in 1987, which soon developed into a passion for the sport.

In 1994, keen to expand his skills and knowledge he added boxing to his training regime. Followed by kickboxing and then Thai boxing in ’98. As well as training with World Champion Russ Williams on his farm in Flintshire.

After an altercation on a train involving a knife in 2003, Gareth decided to further extend his martial arts training to Filipino; and went on to become an apprentice in Warriors Eskrima under Guro Krishna Godhania- a leading practitioner and teacher in Europe. In 2008 Gareth travelled to the Philippines to train under Grand Master Abna, and has also trained with many of the masters and grandmasters of the Filipino martial arts in the UK.

Competitively, Gareth has fought across the UK and Ireland. Winning tournaments such as WUMA North Wales Championship, Welsh Open Championship and Scottish National Championship.

Guro Gareth initiated his teaching career in 2000, when he took on the role of substituting Spencer Wildings classes while Spencer was away working on one of many film projects.
From there he has gone on to work and train others in the Chester area and at one of North Wales top MMA gyms at the time.

For the past decade Guro Gareth has been teaching in a variety of settings. Developing and incorporating all the experience acquired over the first 20 years of martial arts training. Using Filipino boxing, and martial arts concepts and principles to create a dynamic fighting system.